5V – Structured Volume

Absolutely thrilled to share that our submission took first place at this year’s 5V Competition by Haworth.

This look was inspired by the SF office of Truebeck Construction, a favorite project designed by the talented interiors team at FORGE.

First three slides are from the official submission, and the rest is behind-the-scenes goodness from yesterday’s runway event, the photoshoot and the making of the garment.

Thanks to Haworth Bay Area for organizing this event, and HUGE thanks to the whole project team for making this happen!

Photography by Mitch Tobias with assistance from Tony George
Production assistance by Roman Nadolishny

Creative direction, interior design, and moral support by the wonderful @forge_arch team: Meredith English, Leslie Onumbu, Nat Merriss, Sierra Caragan, Jamie Salvo and Eric Ibsen

Garment design including custom textile design by yours truly.

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