C.A.M.O. / Civilian Appropriation of Military Objectives

Recent events have laid bare an uncomfortable truth: while some Americans vocally defend their right to own firearms, the rest are left to rely on societal, ideological, or financial protection that they may or may not have access to. While military technology is already present in our domestic environment, little of it is there with the purpose of providing protection from much beyond the elements. Tellingly, many gun-owners cite “home defense” as the primary reason for gun ownership.

If Americans felt safer in their homes, could that preempt the need or desire for more violent means or methods? What would America look like, if its citizens were as well defended as its officials?

At a time when second amendment rights are being fiercely debated, it is crucial that civilian understanding of defensive technology in the built environment catches up with the widespread access to firearms and explosives, with the hope of eventually outpacing it.

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